Make up lesson

Women of all ages can benefit from learning new techniques with make-up. Whether you are new to make up or have been using it for years, you will discover new and better ways to achieve the look you want. Many women have their own routine for applying make-up, and then stick to that formula forever afterwards, rarely (if ever) changing the routine as fashion trends shift and update.

Your make-up lesson may include:

• Learning which colours best suit your skin type and colouring.
• Correct application of foundation to achieve an even and natural skin tone.
• How to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.
• How to care for your skin.
• Correct use and application of lip and eye colours.
• Evening make-up.
• Everyday make-up.

You will take away with you a wealth of knowledge which will enable you to create a look for every occasion. A make-up lesson will help you to look younger and healthier, so why not treat yourself to a pamper session with a difference!

PRICE: £50

DURATION: 1 hour