Up-to-date Look

The personal shopping sessions with Priscilla was absolutely amazing. I now know what styles work for my body shape and have the confidence to choose clothing that will compliment my figure.

Rebecca, Personal Shopping Client

Dress for Impact in the City

"Priscilla and her image workshop was brilliant at suggesting versatile and effective techniques that work for the group that attended. We have already noticed people have heed her sound advice to dress with impact for their job role as a City professional and to ensure that professionalism is not only reflected in their work but also in their appearance"

Helen, Corporate Training Image Client (HR Representative)

Look Younger, feel younger

Thank you for all the clever tips and hints during my make up lesson' I feel like and feel like my younger self.

Joanne, Make up lesson Client

Edit your wardrobe

You have a natural gift! Thank you

Jenny, Wardrobe Review Client

Save Money and Time

My Colour Me Beautiful consultation with you was wonderful. You made me feel so at ease and felt the consultation was very worthwhile. It was great to learn exactly which colours and styles suited me. I expect to stop making costly mistakes and save time. I'm so looking forward to hitting the shops with my colour wallet!

Vanessa, Colour Consultation Client

Stronger more up-to-date look

I always thought I looked tired from my day-to-day. However after having a bespoke colour consultation and image session with Priscilla in her studio, I found out I had been wearing the wrong colours. I now feel more confident, polished and well turned out with a stronger more up-to-date look.

Natalie, Colour and Image Client

Love to Shop

Like a light bulb had been switched on! I now love shopping much to the despair of my husband's credit card!

Lily, Personal Client

New chapter

I'm entering a new chapter of my life and the session with you has given me self-confidence beyond what I could ever have imagined. Thank you!"

Marcus, Men Image Client

New Colours to Wear

Having my colours done with Priscilla has opened up a whole range of new colours that I never thought I'd look at.

Candice, Image Client

It can be tough

I have always found that some men aren't into fashion. I was one of them. I use to pick out items that weren't suitable but didn't know why. Nor, did I know what to put together. But having had an image and personal shop session with a stylist from Shikkuu Guides guide me through the key trends as well as styles that suit has been worth every penny. Thanks.

Matthew, Corporate Image Client

Future clear outs will be easier

I really enjoyed our session today! It was incredibly insightful and helpful and has given me lots to think about when I clear out my wardrobe seasonally as well as what to look for when I go shopping in the future.

Aanandii, Wardrobe Review Client